free runs What Will Charlie Manuel Do Ne

What Will Charlie Manuel Do Next

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Old people. Two incidents in the last week have evidenced just how great old people are: referee Joey Crawford’s bizarre blow up at Tim Duncan and then Phillies manager Charlie Manuel unleashing his own mix of backwoods whoop ass on radio “personality” Howard Eskin. Crawford has most likely refereed his last game, given an indefinite suspension seems like a forced retirement on the part of NBA Commissioner David Stern. Consider this Crawford’s Howard Beale moment. It would have to be; how many other 50something old men would challenge a 7 foot professional athlete to a fight? Even if it is Tim free runs Duncan.

Cholly, on the other hand, well, this was a little more troubling. In what’s turning out to be one of the most fraudulent seasons in Philadelphia Phillies history, it’s at least encouraging that Goodtime Charlie still has something left in him. Most of the time, he’s perched at the top of the dugout with this Oops! I crapped my pants expression, never showing any kind of emotion whatsoever, but now, we’re witness to the fiery muskrat that has laid dormant for far too long. Eskin was an easy target for his wra free runs th, given his penchant for picking on people he doesn’t play golf with. (And, Charlie, please don’t accept any flower bouquets should Eskin try to free runs apologize.)

You really can’t blame Manuel for his actions (too much). The 2007 Phillies are just repulsive; besides their awful everything, it’s more repugnant everybody in the Delaware Valley got duped by a silly PR slogan and Ryan Howard’s MVP glar free runs e. Goosebumps? More like Nut Punch. This is team is just another reshined turd.


free runs What will be left of Otero Mes

What will be left of Otero Mesa after mining

The name doesn’t sound very romantic. But the water that lies below is sweet enough to drink unless the rare earth mining company that wants to tamper with it makes one tiny slip. Then you can call it the “dead sea.”By the way, the description “rare” earth mineral, it turns out, is not rare at all. It can be found in numerous locations. So why pick on one of the rarest places left in America, as precious in its own right as Yosemite National Park or Carlsbad Caverns? We’ll answer that question next Wednesday. Here is an assortment of estimates by environmentalists who are often called “ free runs greenies,” “twits” and “tree huggers” by our local politicians. Exhibit A: “Conservative estimates show that without any recharge there is enough fresh potable water underlying Otero Mesa to serve a community of 1 million people for over 100 years.”Exhibit B: “Otero Mesa sits on one of the largest untapped freshwater aquifers in New Mexico, estimated to cont free runs ain 57 million acre feet of water or 18 trillion gallons.” Exhibit C: “The Otero Mesa area is right above what is probably the largest reserve of drinking water left in New Mexico, with an estimated 35 million acre feet of water in reserve.” Exhibit D: “Otero Mesa also sits atop an immense freshwater aquifer that could supply the state’s entire population with all the water it needs for decades.” The truth about Otero Mesa’s water is too important to leave to unsubstantiated claims and back of the envelope “guestimates.” So let’s hear from the official Otero County regional water plan for 2000 2040: “Of the 60 million acre feet of water estimated in storage in the Salt Basin, approximately 30 million acre fee free runs t are considered fresh water and only one half of that is estimated to be recoverable.” No matter who says what, the experts make it clear that there is definitely a good amount of water under Otero Mesa. Even at the lowest estimate, the amount of water is essential for the future of Otero County. Another very important fact that all the experts agree upon is mining and water don’t make good partners. The gamble is unwise. The water will be vulnerable to contamination. New technology is unproven. What are our elected officials waiting for? They stand on the economic platform and shout “jobs.” The mining company, Geovi free runs c, promises at least 50 jobs. Due to the lack of expertise in rare earth mining, employment will most likely be filled from outside the county due to the infancy of this particular type of technology. The only jobs available to Otero County residents would be low paying, manual labor and greater contact with hazardous material. Now, how many jobs will a water works create for our citizens, not to mention conservation and recreation that a protected environment would create? So what are our “leaders” up to? Beats me. At the end of day, who is really benefiting from this and where is the real profit going? What do we want? Do we want tourism that will enhance income into our county, or do we want to jeopardize our future with more radioactivity? As a protected environment, tourism ensures jobs and enjoyment for our children’s children, while mining has a limited lifespan and leaves behind an uncertain future for Otero Mesa.