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What’s In Your Bike Bag

Here’s a question for you: What five things are there in your bike bag that you absolutely won’t go nike free runs riding without? We’ll take an informal survey and publish the results in a week or two.

If you want to participate, please send me an email or comment below, with a list of the five things (if there are that many) that you always carry in your tool bag, and why you carry them, if an explanation is needed. You can include your name and location if you wish. Our list will help give newer cyclists some ideas of what others take with them that they might also want to carry to help them be self supported on a ride.

(2) curt denham says:Let see, depends on which bike. If commuting or nike free runs on the nike free runs road bike I always have tire levers, tube, CO nike free runs 2 (road bike), hand pump, multi tool. On the mt. bike I carry much the same minus the CO2. I guess I cheat because I always bring my cell phone. I always take more stuff on the mt bike mainly because I a National Mountain Bike Patrol member.


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What’s In Your Bag

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I don have a photo handy as I work, but it is a snug fit unfortunately. The 7D was a recent addition as I been shooting a lot of auto races and the extra burst rate and extra reach of the 7D makes it more useful than my 5D3.

There is no way I could live without my Rocketblower and Leatherman, th nike free runs ose have come in handy more times than I could count. I was in the camp of “I don need a R nike free runs ocketblower, I clean it later.” But nike free runs I stopped in my local camera shop, and what I nike free runs wanted was out of stock, so I bought the Rocketblower for the $8, amazingly versatile, I would suggest to everyone they pick it up, if nothing else, it fun to play with!

I have the Lowepro bag because it large enough to fit most of my gear, and a 15.4″ laptop and can carry my 055xProB tripod w/ 054 Magnesium Ball Head. And if I get into incliment weather I can pull out the rain cover for my bag, which also doubles as a safe place to set my camera on snow (frequent issue in Utah).

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