running 2 What to Do with Plastic Store

What to Do with Plastic Store Bags

I stumbled across this great idea to re use pl running 2 astic bags. What I have found is that if you layer the bags in 8 or so layers and place them between wax paper, you can iron it into a stronger version that you can sew into back packs, duffle bags, book covers, etc. Of course, this new found idea created a monster in me as I began to explore various ways to decorate plastic to be more pleasing to the eye. It’s not only plastic store bags that are safe from my clutches, I have found that garbage bags come in a rainbow of colors and make nice gift bags, etc. And WOW! Clear plastic over white plastic with sequins, glitter, pieces of yarn underneath really makes a beautiful display.

Nothing is safe from my use as I dive in and experiment to find different looks and uses.

I have manage to create a duffle bag for my nephew, a bible cover for my niece, re usable grocery store bags that I can take with me, the handles don’t break the sides won’t split! I made my brother in law a winter safety bag and added blankets, hand warmers, extra socks, stocking cap, candle, metal camping cup, flashlig running 2 ht, etc.

The possibilities are numerous! Tote bags, book bags, wallets, and yes. slippers. Just add fleece to the inside and use non skid stickers o running 2 n bottom. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Sew plastic on sewing machine, but please remember it is plastic so you can’t use a tight stitch. I also have used the zigzag stitch to decorate edges of bags. Zippers, snaps, etc. can be used to fasten. The side sea running 2 ms I always use the flat fled seam, like on a pair of blue jeans, too make it stable and durable.

As you are ironing the plastic, look for loose pockets and make sure the entire piece has been melted together. You don’t want any weak spots. The setting on your iron is cotton, and don’t leave iron in one place too long.

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running 2 What to Do with Plastic Grocer

What to Do with Plastic Grocery Bags

I absolutely refuse to buy trash bags. It seems just wrong to pay good money for something you know you’re going to throw away. I, doing my part for the environment (and being cheapoops, I meant economical), recycle the plastic bags from the grocery store. Its not like there are ever a shortage; baggers are trained to put only two or three items per bag. Its subliminalten bags and you think you got a lot of food for that $50 you spent. Like no one has caught onto that one yet!

With the small bags all you need to do is empty the trash container more often. The house smells better; ants and bugs don’t march in quite so quickly for their own little picnic. Sounds logical to me! So, why are you still buying trash bags out there? I know people who buy trash ba running 2 gs and then throw away the free ones. I’m sure that Glad appreciates the business. Yeah for the economy!

The flip side of the urge never to throw anything away is you have lots of bags lying around. I have bags full of bags. I use about a third of the bags I come home with. Bags go to the library for the kids carrying their books home on a rainy day. Bags go to the Goodwill for those bargain running 2 shoppers. One less expense to charity is always a good thing. Still, those pesky bags just keep piling up. Secretly I think that the library and Goodwill hate to see me coming with my mountain of bag running 2 sagain.

Oh, yes, I’ve thought about other uses for the bags. Do you remember the 50s (my Mother told me about it) when oil was cheap? Walls used to be insulated with newspaper. How about a movement to insulate our houses using plastic bags? The ultimate in recycling, a Stop and Shop house! Another thought, would the bags make it waterproof? Emmm. Guess we’d have to check on that.

What if we had a really hot day and the sun melted all the plastic together inside the walls? Could we take the paneling and plaster down and have washable plastic walls? Could we color and draw on them like a giant eraser board, then wash them to have plain walls again? Could we stencil? Could the artist in us come alive? Oh, such possibilities.

Hey, wait a minute. We’re all pretty smart here, why wait for the sun? Couldn’t we figure out how to melt down those millions of ba running 2 gs into some kind of molds like giant loc blocks.

A house made out of giant loc blocks! Just think how easy building would be, even the kids could help. We could even start our own business, Melt, Mold and Build.