free run 2 When carrying a bag is manly

When carrying a bag is manly

It was the otherwise smooth transition from driving to taking public transport t free run 2 hat did it. All of a sudden, the DKNY bag I had snagged for a song on eBay didn seem like such a bargain.

When my commute went from jaunt to trek, this black leather number, styled after a messenger bag but missing one crucial feature loads of spa free run 2 ce became uncomfortably bulky.

Of course, it may have had something to do with all the stuff I was now cramming into it. Besides the requisite mobile phone, work file, novel, and umbrella, a few days a week I would shove in gym clothes, and that when the bag would balk. The Velcro closures did anything but stay closed, causing much flapping and spilling and gnashing of teeth, and the adjustable strap would adjust itself, lowering the bag farther and farther down my back until it was spanking the backs of my thighs.

The different day, different bag approach didn work, either: I would invariably find myself at the gym without a lock, or at work without the file.

I desperately needed a new bag, and not the sort that once caused Jerry Seinfeld to cry: not a purse! It a European carry all! I wanted professional looking but not a briefcase (too stodgy). Spacious but not a true messenger bag (too casual). Comfortable to carry but not a backpack. I was asking a free run 2 lot.

Or, so I thought. Then a few pictures of the June menswear shows in Milan started to register. These were collections for spring/summer 2004, scheduled to roll into US stores from January and February next year.

And, it struck me; every second man model that hit the catwalk carried a man bag. The bag was the look, and the look was the bag! Not briefcases, not back packs, not true messenger free run 2 bags either. Just perfect, not too stodgy, not too casual, man bags. And there they were; dozens of them!

On a recent Saturday, I set out on a quest for my man bag and a dozen stores and several hours later, confirmed what I already knew: it out there, it a good look, I just haven found it discounted to a song on eBay yet.