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When coolant goes bad

Basically one day my displa free run 2 y started acting up so I opened up the case and saw coolant dripping from my CPU waterblock onto the graphics card. Anyway, after some testing, I found the pump’s intake was blocked, this had caused the pressure in the loop to build and force coolant out of the weakest point, which unfortunately happened to be the CPU block.

I tested the pump on its own, isolated from the rest of the circuit and after a couple of minutes of strained pumping, a greeny white gloopy lump of stuff came out, followed closely by two smaller ones. This was 4 mo free run 2 nths ago, so the cooler was only just about 6 months old at the time. Anyway, I sent an e mail to Thermaltake who told me to send it back to the supplier, which I did. They were very good about it actually and sent me an SE as a replacement.

What you see in those pictures is the coolant I drained out of the system 4 months ago before I packed up the kit to post back. It has been sitting on my desk in that ice cream tub since then and I only just plucked up the courage to dispose of it.

My initial reaction was algae, but somehow it doesn’t feel like alga free run 2 e, more like rubber. Maybe it was something suspended in the coolant. Either way it’s quite worrying.

fishmahn wrote:That really looks like radiator repair stuff. Used some on my van once because it kept leaking enough to need free run 2 the reservoir filled weekly and I couldn’t find a leak. A year later I replaced the hoses and pulled these streamers of whitish, gooey, silicon/rubber junk not too far from what you’re seeing, but very stiff (presumably from the heat).