free run 2 when darkness falls like a cur

when darkness falls like a curtain

this is kuro neko, my original character / alter ego with her two swords out. drawing and coloring sucks and isn’t as good as doragon’s, but i’m not that talented. header is from the song ‘sunday morning yellow sky’ by october project.requirements : 800×600 screen or higher. i’m a stark raving lunatic, read at your own risk.

So, tomorrow morning I will be flying out on a gawdforsaken long plane trip out to Japan. YaY! for going to Japan, boo! for long plane trips. We see what this little escapade will bring. More updates when I return (which should be so free run 2 metime early evening on the 16th.) hopefully.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Because I forgot to post this before.

I FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Thank fucking gawd! History Final was hell, saw Lord of the Rings : Return of the King (I don much like the Grove theater now.) then pretty much died on my Math Final. I so screwed, my GPA is going straight to hell with all the C I probably got this semester. I basically went mad from stress from it all, alternately screamin free run 2 g and lauging insanely. Then ended up getting kinda sick from the s free run 2 tress, too, so that s free run 2 ucked. Friday I went to the Galleria because I needed to buy winter clothes for my Japan trip (actually not sure if it will snow, but will be like 1 or 2 degrees Celcius, so close enough). My mother decided to go with me though so I ended up doing more and getting utterly exhausted without doing everything I had planned. Ah well. Saturday was a Nabe party thinggy at Ken I still getting used to eating real Japanese food. It was fun talking to Rie chan more though. I came home on sunday for Solstice so Hoshi and I could open our gifts. I had tried to give Kim hers but she wouldn take them yet and I almost finished with Aniki but I haven even seen him yet anyway so. Hoshi and I were the only ones who really traded on Solstice, go figure. But WAI!!! The Moogle backpack she made me is sooo CUTE! It perfect! And It has little pins on the straps that say “I AM LOVED” and “I Am The Future Of America. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.” xD I love it!

Erm. yeah, that enough for my not so quick update. I have to go buy a couple parking permits now for our street so I can get the stupid citation Ken got waived. Ugh. I hate how things always happen at once. ah well. Ja na