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When Did Your Kids Begin to Pack Their Own Bags for Overnight Visits

Figuring out how to make co parenting work well for both parents takes time, pa free run 2 tience, and lot of communication. And because it’s already such an emotional and exhausting task, why make it even harder on yourself by micro managing the things that your kids free run 2 can really handle on their own like packing for overnights?

Now, of course, I don’t suggest that you just plop an overnight bag down on their bed and say “Hop to it!” But I do suggest that you designate one bag for each of your kids to use to carry their own stuff back and forth, and that you teach your kids to pack from a standard packing list for overnight visits, which they can personalize with additional items as needed.

As with most other thi free run 2 ngs, you’ll need to walk them through it a few times before they free run 2 get to the point where they can be completely responsible for packing on their own. In addition, young children will continue to need your input and supervision, even once they get the hang of it.

And if packing their own bags is something you’ve had your kids doing on their own for awhile now, leave a comment below and share any related tips or stories that might help another mom or dad get used to letting go of the task for packing for their kids’ overnight visits.