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When dividing up ground beef in Ziploc bags

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If you live alone, free run 2 save yourself time and effort by cooking several portions at once. Cooked foods last longer than uncooked when refrigerated. I have a few dozen sealed tupperware bin things, and every Sunday I take a portion of beef, chicken and pork, cook all three, a cup or so of rice, some veggies, and then portion them out into 5 lunches for work. Since they are glass, I also throw a pound of spaghetti in a po free run 2 t and portion that with some hamburger and sauce to break up the monotony. Get creative. I cook maybe twice a week, and do very few dishes a day. Breakfast takes 5 minutes.

If you stick to cooking nightly, dent the meat in squares, then you can break off portions from a freezer gallon bag, and since the gallon bags are much sturdier than the others, you can wash and reuse them with no problem. Just keep a separate box to put the cleaned ones in. Much better environmentally and wallet ly.

Meats are good until they don smell good. Give a sniff test before cooking. It also depends on how well sealed free run 2 they are. Raw chicken will go bad after a day if not sealed, but meat can last a day extra, if poorly sealed. Sealed, it seems like chicken is good for about 3 days, pork for 4, and beef for 5 days.

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