free run 2 When do you have pay for a car

When do you have pay for a carrier bag in Wales

Very small plastic bags that do not have handles and are no more than 125mm (width) x 125mm (height) which could be used for very small items such as buttons or small screws are exempt.

You do not pay for a bag if it is used in relation to a service, such as having your s free run 2 hoes repaired. However, you would have to pay for a single use bag if you had bought the shoes.

Items provided on a free prescription or as part of other N free run 2 HS services are not included in the charge. Bags used only for pharmacy medicines or items sold on prescription are also exempt.

The answer is no. The Welsh free run 2 Government recommends requesting bagless delivery to avoid being charged.

Bags for live aquatic creatures in water such as fish, coral, crabs etc are exempt.

If you went to a fast food restaurant and purchased a packet of fries and a burger then the fries can be placed in a free bag as they are only part wrapped and you would not be expected to place these in a reusable bag as there could be some food safety risks. If the burger is also placed in the bag, then the bag would be charged for. This is because it is safe to place wrapped food into a reusable bag.

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