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I have made friends from Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Switzerland, and various parts of the United States by venturing to speak to strangers in airport terminals, on ferries, and in department stores, and it has considerably illuminated my travels and broadened my scope. I have learned so much about business affairs that I no longer skip over the business section in newspapers.

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When I first started to travel by myself, the mechanics involved floored me. On previous vacation trips, my husband had always carried the luggage, handled the money, and, in free run 2 restaurants, hailed the waiters. Not the least of his tasks was taking care of the various e free run 2 mergencies that cropped up. Learning to cope alone was, in a sense, like growing up.

While carrying my own baggage has developed my stamina, it has also taught me to travel light. My first vocational investment was two lightweight bags, one for the shoulder, one for check in. I also acquired an aluminum carrier with wheels for trips that would require several stops. It facilitates hauls through airports and hotel lobbies, and minimizes the expense of porter tips. I pack clothing that can be crushed without creasing, rolling up most garments in plastic supermarket bags to keep them fresh and clean as long as possible.

My shoulder bag contains reading matter for the plane, valuables such as jewelry and my camera, cosmetics, a bathing suit, and a change of clothing in case my baggage temporarily goes astray. When I’m off to a place where the climate differs from that of my home base, I also include appropriate clothing I can easily change into before the plane lands. A cotton shirt and light shoes can be of great help on a sweltering day; a handy cardigan has kept me warm in some distant airport and while en route to a hotel.

My shoulder bag also contains an orange and a box of melba toast for breakfast in the event that the meal is not included in the room tariff. I buy an orange and a roll every day to eat the next day.

A small, ear free run 2 ly tip to the concierge is always a good investment. A good concierge will tell you exactly how to get to a destination and will write down the name and address in his native language for you to hand to a taxi driver. He can also check museum hours and curtain times and suggest local events of interest. He can steer you to good, inexpensive restaurants where the locals eat.

After a few near disasters with nonexistent wake up calls, I learned to request two or three of them, spaced 15 minutes apart to be on the safe side. This alleviates sleepless nights of worrying about whether or not I will miss an appointment or a plane because the operator forgot to call me.

In this age of worldwide travel, a woman has the fortunate choice of discovering the great big world out there. All she has to do is hold on tightly to her purse and act sensibly to realize it’s not just a man’s world.