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It’s not likely to be a problem with your PC, but free run 2 rather with the br free run 2 rong> free run 2 owser you’re using . Internet Explorer is the slowest and worst of them all. You have several options. If you absolutely want to stay with Explorer you can update IE to free run 2 the latest version, that should perk it up a little. If you’ve already updated it and are still having troubles, I would recommend what the rest of us have done, just stop using it and move up to much faster and better browsers. Firefox and Google Chrome are two very good ones to use. Firefox is a little more complicated to set up and a bit of a memory hog, but a good, secure, quick browser. Google Chrome is easier to set up and has a lot less baggage, it has a quirk or two of it’s own ( and they all do) but, I personally find it to be faster than Firefox. Both are free and can be set up with free add on features, like AdBlock. To get them you just simply type their name into a Google or Bing search and choose the location you want to get them from.

Again, there’s several ways you can do it.

In Firefox click on “Files” (top left corner of your screen), then scroll down the list and click “Import”, then click on “Internet Explorer”, and follow the prompts. That should do the trick all in one shot, you should now find your “favorites” under “bookmarks” in Firefox.

Otherwise you can open both browsers at the same time and then copy and paste the addresses of ones you want, from Favorites in one to Bookmarks in the other.