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When is it worth it to ship them

Some fliers prefer to ship their bags directly to their destinations to avoid onerous baggage fees from the airlines and to bypass any hassle at the airport. Others say the savings isn significant enough to justify the pre trip inconvenience.(Photo11: Valueline, Getty Images)You’re packing equipment for a presentation or maybe a ski vacation, and you know your luggage is going to tip the scales.

Should you plunk down the cash airlines charge when luggage is overweight, or ship your heavy bags instead?

Feelings are pretty strong, whichever side you come down on. “But in most cases, it’s going to be cheaper to ship it. There are very few (times) where it’s more advantageous to pay the airlines, because the overweight charges are pretty onerous now.”

According to an airline comparison done by Airfarewatchdog, overweight free run 2 luggage fees on domestic flights can soar as high as $200 one way for a bag between 71 and 100 pounds.

United Airlines, free run 2 for instance, charged $100 for a bag weighing between 51 to 70 pounds on domestic flights as of late March, $200 for bags weighing 71 to 99.9 pounds, and $400 on most international routes.

“Ship away your headache,” says Yamarone, who travels frequently for work, as well as to pursue his hobby of fly fishing. “The comparatively low cost of sending heavy gear, equipment, clothes, boots and outerwear is well worth (it). All you have to do is board the plane with your iPhone, knowing that everything is waiting f free run 2 or you in the hotel room or lodge. That’s peace of mind, and worth any price.

UPS bases its prices on an item’s weight, how far it’s going and the transport method the sender chooses, such as ground vs. air service.

Its online cost calculator can help tra free run 2 velers figure out the best deal, which likely involves planning to ship your luggage well before your trip, and choosing ground delivery.

“Obviously, if you need to overnight something, that costs more than ground shipment,” says Chelsea Lee, spokeswoman for The UPS Store.

But, she says, “if you can plan in advance, or know you usually have a heavy bag, you’ll definitely have a cost savings as opposed to paying the oversize charge. A couple of days in advance can mean real savings.”