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When is Redoxx going to come out withsomethingnew

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For one bagging, the Goodhope is the last bag I heard of. Granted, it seemed to be a cheap rip off of the western flyer, IMO, so it wasn anything new. However, it is a cheap way to find out if one bagging is for you. They not usually designed for the average consumer who travels.

Bags like the Redoxx Airboss, which I owned for a while, have very little room for improvement. As well, the market for carry on bags smaller than the maximum allowed size is very limited. Also, rolling bags have dropped in weight over the last year or so, to six pounds and under, like the last several Eagle Creek offerings, and remain preferred by probably 80% or so of travelers, such as the smaller lady I saw in REI yesterday, looking at wheeled options, after mentioning her use of a backpack style bag for her last trip to Europe. Finally, overhead bins on newer planes are generally sized for the rolling bags, and to fit transversely at that. So, new products in a niche market won emerge often.

A few points: Most of the non wheeled carry on bags are not available at REI and any serious one bag shopper will probably not look there. (REI might carry 1 or 2 different bags). And one of the many reasons first time one baggers get discouraged is that they are not taught how to pack correctly and try to take too much. How many times do we suggest onebaggers take no more than 10% of their weight and for first timers even less?If only they come here and learn. :)There were four new convertible bags introduced in the past year or so: The Timbuk2 Wingman, the Eagle Creek Overland, the Pacsafe Metrosafe 400 and the Briggs Riley 224 Baseline. (There was actually a fifth bag, the Land End Flightwise, priced low at $80, but it has been discontinued.)These bags haven been discussed much because they haven reached the popularity of some of the other models that have been around awhile. I tried to get each one for review without success. But you will notice that all the bags come from fairly large manufacturers and not just the niche players. As so many European and Asian discount carriers have strict carry on policies, the demand for smaller bags increases. Americans, in general, still want to take as much as possible. We have out work cut out for us.

I actually just got the Red Oxx newsletter a couple of w free run 2 eeks ago. Apparently business is booming so well for them that they are struggling to keep up with the demand. The newsletter alluded to some new products coming up soon as well as an expansion in their production facilities. I guessing with the help of Doug Dyment, sites like this, and the airlines increasing restrictions, one bag travel has just really gained more and more popularity. Red Oxx has an amazing product and with their life time guarantee, people are willing the spend the money on their bags.

Vito, they run super behind on that one. I sent an Adventure back in May and just got my market tote and monkey fists last week. It was published on the site the first week of November. My take from talking to them on the phone and reading what they put out is that they have basically been overwhelmed with orders. They can keep up with the current demand so their number 1 priority has free run 2 been trying to fix that. They recently purchased space to install a free run 2 new factory and hopefully that will solve their production problems. I think once that is up and running you will see a big difference. It just seems like they are having growing pains. More facilities and more staff seem to be at the top of the list and then new products and updating old ones. They have said they have some new prototypes in the works so maybe we see something in the spring.