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When Selling Your Gold And Diamond Jewelry

( women socks , jewelry online ) Andrew is often quoted in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, the NY Post, the Daily News, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week and has shared his expertise on radio and network TV. Late free run 2 ly he been asked to comment on the dramatic increase in consumers looking to trade their jewelry for cash. With that in mind he compiled his list free run 2 of the most important things to consider when selling your gold, diamonds, watches, and other valuable estate jewelry. ( women socks, jewelry online, wholesale earrings, Fashion Bags) Take a detailed inventory of your jewelry, looking at the pieces you wear frequently and those you do not. If that jeweler does not have the resources or markets for all different types of jewelry, he cannot pay the highest prices. Engagement rings or diamonds over 1 carat are usually the most valuable. Make sure that the firm you work with is well educated on the diamond market. Small retailers and local jewelers are often not in a position to evaluate them properly.( women socks, jewelry online, wholesale earrings, Fashion Bags) Be wary of the hard sale. Places like Cash for Gold advertise heavily and are factories that offer you pennies on the dollar while making it difficult to refuse their offer. Do not hesitate to ask questions. If a dealer avoids answering all your questions, that dealer may be looking to pay you far less than your items are worth or is simply not knowledgeable enough to do so.”The unscrupulous dealer will undervalue jewelry, particularly if the seller seems desperate,” says Fabrikant. “Knowledge is power. The more informed a seller is, the more likely it is that he or she will be happy with their decision to sell.” He free run 2 suggests that when searching for a reputable estate jewelry buyer, ask if they have been trained by the Gemological Institute of America, and/or if they have affiliations with AGS (American Gem Society), JVC (Jewelers Vigilance Society). Usually an affiliation indicates a certain degree of proficiency and product knowledge.( women socks, jewelry online, wholesale earrings, Fashion Bags) Also, check for a web presence (and possible negative reviews) and a BBB accreditation. But the biggest caveat? “If you choose to mail in your jewelry, make absolutely certain the dealer contacts you with the amount hes willing to pay and gives you time to consider it free run 2 without any pressure. If he refuses to discuss his offer and the rationale behind it, be wary. Its your jewelry and you deserve to be treated better than that.”( wholesale earrings , Fashion Bags )