free run 2 When should airbags be replace

When should airbags be replaced

Airbags have been installed over the last two decades as standard items in all new cars. They undoubtedly make driving a car safer, drastically reducing the injuries and deaths that result from collisions. These airbag systems are sensitive and will tell you when they are not working, especially on newer model cars made after 2001. The safety systems of these cars are co free run 2 mputer programmed and i free run 2 t is the manufacturer’s responsibility they work. However, in older model cars with airbag systems pre 2000, it is a good idea to just replace the airbags after a collision or at least h free run 2 ave the entire system checked out to ensure it will still properly free run 2 deploy in the event of a collision.

Airbag SensorMost cars built after 2001 have both driver and passenger side airbags, which come standard and are a safety requirement from the manufacturer. These systems have sensors which alert the driver when the airbag deployment system is not working. If that sensor light comes on, usually somewhere on the dashboard or near the speedometer, the car should immediately be taken to the dealership or mechanic to figure out what is wrong. Usually when this sensor comes on, the airbags need to be replaced due to some malfunction in the deployment system.

Light FlashesAirbag deployment systems on both pre and post 2001 models, have sensors to indicate what is wrong. For example, one flash followed by six small flashes indicates there is something wrong with the passenger side airbag. This is called the LFC sequence, or Lamp Fault Code. It will tell you exactly what is wrong with the airbag system so you can diagnose the problem before it gets any worse and save yourself money at the garage when you go to replace the airbag.