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When tearing a paper towel or plasti free run 2 c bag from a roll why is a sharp jerk motion more effective than a slow pull

The book argues that increased affluence allows people to make different choices. Which of the following is not a choice of the average person in an affluent society? Purchase products containing multiple package components (paper, plastic, cardboard) Walk or ride a bicycle to work or school Eat much more meat than grain Purchase and drive an SUV to work.

Purchase of an SUV is not a choice for the ‘average’ in an affluent society.

Top Chemistry QuestionsWhat are’ Ba’ and’ Br’ on the periodic table of eleme free run 2 nts?What is the name for (NH4)2SO3 . H2O?What is the element Ag, silver’s charge?What is the chemical formula for aluminum sulfite?What does NH3+H2O yield?Will you write the names for the compound feo and fe2o3Will a precipitate form from Pb(NO3)2(aq) and HCl(aq)?Why is flammability free run 2 a chemical property rather than a physical property?Why is carbon monoxide not an element?Why do bananas and sprite react chemically?Who was the heavy hydrogen discoverer? free run 2 Which elemental gases are diatomic, monatomic?Which element is more electronegative, sulfur or nitrogen?When an atom becomes an ion does its mass number change?What type of acid is sulfuric acid? Mono di or tri protic.