free run 2 When to know the guy I like is

When to know the guy I like is a complete douche

It kinda sounds to me like he is forcing something on between you, n I suggest you take it a bit more slow in your own pace untill you feel more secure about him. You said you just me free run 2 t him recently, but over the internet you got to be careful nonetheless.

I wait a very good while about meeting him if I were you, specially cause you feel scared free run 2 to meet him.

I gotta be honest with you n say I wouldn have sended him the photo, cause he asked for it several times. It seems a bit desperate, and when you didn feel comfortable about it either, you should have told him that. If you had already, then I suggest you listen to your own feelings in the future when you uncomfortable about something he asks of you.

It not weird at all that you think that way. it perfectly normal, and it a way of thinking you should listen to.

But as hiyall1 said. not every guy is a do free run 2 uche bag, so free run 2 if he is one, then just look around some more. am sure there are many guys who wanna get to know you.