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When was the last time that you did it

Both beloved and I are fairly athletic, always have been, except of course when a big owie comes along and prevented me/him from doing exerci free run 2 ses for a bit.

Since we live on an island and free run 2 sea water is virtually everywhere and close by, my all time favorite is to swim out into very deep water and . honest . literally dance out there!

With the salt water offering so much buoyancy, I can stay out there between forty five minutes up to two hours! I learned a long time ago how to do aqua aerobics in a pool, but the ocean just brings me so much joy and unconscious free run 2 abandonment too. You can place your disc player in there, or an i pod whatever placing your favorite tunes into its waterproof po free run 2 uch with stereophonic earphones first: it has a clip belt which you wear around your waist, the pouch itself down so absolutely no water gets in. (I have had one for over twenty years, only occasionally having to replace a part or two.)

Anyway, depending on my mood and sense of fitness, I can choose anything and everything from YoYo Ma, to rock music to Trace Music, this last probably one of my favorite work out styles of music.

I swim/dance almost everyday. What great about swim/dance in water is, at almost 63 years of age, I KNOW I cannot hurt myself out there! The water just won let ya! YEA! When on land I can also do weight bearing or strength exercises to balance my workouts.

But, the best part of all of this is: watching and witnessing my beloved husband plethora of exercises and the virtual JOY he always demonstrates while daily doing them, coupled with his happy anticipation to do so, he has taught me that one CHOICE of exercise should ALWAYS BE FUN, never a drag! More, for him, exercise isn about healthy and fit, though obviously this is a guaranteed benefit when anyone does it regularly, its about the virtual thrill of doing this for yourself.

And, would ya know it? Those dependable endorphins that arrive from this personal effort [nee thrill] don hurt from having done them. Plus, along with a well earned hearty appetite and great, great sleep, this deal is a wonder to behold in oneself. I like the other assets too: less grumpy creepiest, that for sure!