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When Will Bones Season 6 Return

Bones Season 6 comes back from its midseason finale on January 20, with an episode called “The Body in the Bag.” With the help of Jeffersonian squint Clark Edison, Booth and Brennan investigate a body discover free run 2 ed in the shower of an upscale home belonging to a young female socialite. Skeletal reconstruction and evidence in the drain reveal that the victim was a young girl employed by a counterfeit handbag distributor. The free run 2 team learns that the victim supplied counterfeit purses to her socialite acquaintance, and after interrogating the self centered socialite and sifting through footage on a hidden camera, they discover evidence linking the suspect to the actual murderer. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins discuss their future home and where they want to raise a family, and Booth opens up to Hannah about Brennan’s feelings for him.

The next episode, “The Bullet in the Brain,” directed by David Boreanaz, promises to be truly gripping. In it, Booth is forced to come to grips with his history as a sniper. Although he has always tried to atone for the lives he took, Booth sustains himself with free run 2 a belief that what he did was right. In a twist, he will come up against another sniper who also feels validated in killing others, but B free run 2 ooth won’t agree with his reasoning.

“It’s a great story for Booth, because Booth, being a sniper, has to confront another sniper who has taken what Booth considers to be a difficult but somewhat noble profession and perverted it,” Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan explained to Entertainment Weekly. “Booth always felt that he was doing the right thing, and now somebody else is doing something horrible for all the right reasons in their mind. They’ve justified this. So it’s a great character examination for Booth to have to confront what it means to be a sniper.”

This sniper will not only cause Booth to take pause, but he will also “take out” a recurring character. During an interview at Comic Con earlier this year, Emily Deschanel confirmed that “there will be a death.” The sniper, Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo), will feature in a three episode arc.