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When will Britain bin its plastic bag habit

Seven leading supermarkets and their customers are finding it slow going to stop using plastic bags.Over the last three years supermarkets have reduced the number of bags from 870 million to 452 million, just failing to meet a government target to cut the number by half.The reduction drew words of praise from Environment Secretary Hilary a great achievement by the seven supermarkets and their customers and it shows that by working together, we really can change our bag habits, said Benn.The British Retail Consortium has backed the government softly, softly stance.figures send a clear message: the voluntary approach is very successful and can lead to better informed customers and lasting change, said Stephen Robertson, the BRC Director General.But with environmentalists saying plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to di free run 2 sintegrate and pose threats to marine life, birds and other animals, the UN has recently called for governments to take a more punitive single use plastic bags which choke marine life, should be banned or phased out rapidly everywhere there is simply zero justification for manufacturing them anymore, anywhere, said Achim Steiner, UN Under Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director in June.Given that a number of countries throughout the world have already outlawed plastic shopping bags isn it time Britain took a more interventionist approach to curtailing their use?This makes me very concerned. there is and has been alternative for quite some time now, but no effort has gone into placing it into law. when you consider not only the pollution done in landfills, but also in our waterways to animals aquatic life by the PLASTIC BAG ISSUE. and before you say its all rubbish (no pun intended) think ab free run 2 out asbestos lead, m free run 2 ercury, to name a few.Posted by Tony Report as abusiveIt such rubbish that people won take responsibility for there own actions. If people were clever enough all they would have to do is keep a few bags in the back of the car and unload their shopping straight into them from the trolley. That way if you so lazy and don want to carr free run 2 y bags into the shops with you then you can be even more lazy and just load the trolley without having to pack bags. It all comes down to laziness. I know some shops have started charging for them, but they all should even if it is just a TAX!!!!